Why Buy Durian Doors?

  • Security & Durability

  • Nail-free installation

  • Fire Retardant

  • Tested for Endurance

  • Termite
    Resistant & Borer Proof

  • Moisture Resistant

  • Sound
    Insulation and Proofing

Advantages of buying our Doors

We understand how difficult buying doors could get sometimes. From a wide range of variety offered, choosing the perfect one can become a task. We, at Durian, simplify this task by helping you pick only the one which suits your style & taste. We offer sample design solutions - as to how your door would look. You can feel the quality & material by yourself and finally, make the right choice.

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Guideance by Experts

Saharsh Khaitan, Marketing Director at Durian Industries is the leading expert on Door and Door frames with over 15 + years of experience. Having helped over 119+ builders and 89+ architects, Saharsh is well versed with every aspect of the Door industry.


“Knock Knock - The Ultimate Guide on Doors”
By Saharsh Khaitan

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